Assignment: Image Response #1

Choose an image of an artwork from Chapter 16 as the topic of your response. Make sure the image you choose is an image of an artwork only, and not an image that is used for informational support.

This response will be a formal analysis of the chosen work. See the guide for these Response assignments for help. You will want to be familiar with the topics covered in Chapters 1-5 before writing Image Responses.

This assignment is your opinionated analysis only…just provide a detailed description on what you see. A formal analysis deconstructs an artwork from a visual perspective(discuss in terms of the elements of art and principles of design from Chps. 1 through 5.) and removes narrative(“storytelling”) aspects of the artwork.

The Responses should be written on an artwork from the correct reading assignment will be submitted in Microsoft Word format before the due date expires. See the accompanying “Image Response Assignment Information” in the Resources Module in Canvas for more info.

IMAGE RESPONSE ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION: Responses Paragraphs (and papers) are typed, double-spaced using 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font preferably in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to include the artist’s name, title of the artwork in italics, and page number where the image can be found in the textbook . A successful Image Response should be at least 250 words in length csgo 1v1 jackpot. The Response should be well written in regard to sentence structure and grammar. Your response should have insightful analysis and opinions The subject of your Responses is a formal analysis of artworks…in your opinion, how has the artist used the visual elements and principles of design successfully (or unsuccessfully?) See Chapters 4-5 for complete information about the visual elements and principles of design. Avoid writing about the subject, content, or theme of the artwork, i.e. don’ t “retell the story,” or discuss what the artist was trying to express.

Instead, discuss how the artwork looks, not what it means. In other words, describe in great detail the visual elements(line, shape, color, space, etc.) and principles of design(balance, rhythm, contrast, etc.,) rather than describing objects and figures(people, things, etc.)

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