Your final paper will be a non-traditional synthesis of the information we have covered in this course. This paper should be between 8-10 pages long. With this paper I am asking you to explore what your ideal healthcare system would like and support why you feel this is the way we should administer healthcare in this country. You should explore topics like whether in your system patients would have a right to privacy, would your system include HIPAA or something else entirely different. Does your system include EMTALA? How does your system combat fraud, waste and abuse? What about informed consent. What system would you use when patients were harmed by healthcare providers? How is your system regulated? While you do not have to tackle every aspect of healthcare we have covered this semester, you need to provide a framework for how your ideal healthcare system would function. Your paper should prove that you have an understanding of what is needed for a functioning healthcare system in this country Chronic Paradise.
Key Areas to Address
• Regulatory
• Privacy
• Payor-Who pays and how?
• Malpractice, i.e. who pays when a patient is harmed?
• End of Life Decision Making-Who gets to decide.

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