As you have now seen many examples of resumes whether that be your old resume, a friend, family member, or co-worker, you have formed opinions on what makes a solid resume. You have noticed what has grabbed your attention. Take time to review your old resume. As you have reviewed these many examples of resumes, choose phrases or sections that you will no longer use in your resume moving forward. You may also want to consider sections you have seen in other examples that you wish to include or would not include. As you consider the new ideas you have learned, think of the changes you would make to your future resume. What are the three most important elements you have learned about resume writing that will help get you the interview and why are they the most important in your opinion?

For your citation, you might use articles that show examples of resumes that will help you obtain your desired position. You can also find articles from experts that suggest what the balance of your resume should be.

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