Listen to Erica Neufeld’s presentation on Boston Medical Center’s primary care marketing campaign (first 40 minutes). Address the following questions.

  1. The marketing campaign is based on data. Describe one example of how market research data was used and why it was effective. Be specific.
  2. In developing the Stronger Together tag line, Ms. Neufeld discusses pairing “what your organization stands for” with “what resonates with the audience.” Why are both important?
  3. The campaign experienced some challenges in measuring campaign outcomes. How did the marketing team work with operations to resolve the issue?
  4. Can you find any evidence today of the Stronger Together campaign on BMC’s website or digital media? How has the message evolved over the past 5 years?
  5. Write 2 opinion regarding the presentation and support them by independent research . SHSMD1634__Patient_Acquisition_Campaign_Recruiting_2000_New_Primary_Care_Patients_in_One_Year (1).mp4

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