PART I (5 points)

Write one paragraph (5-7 sentences) about the differences between Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. Your paragraph should also include what the importance of both sources is and where you can find these sources.

PART II (5 points)

Here is a list of five sources and a description of each source. Indicate whether the source is a Primary Source or a Secondary Source. If the source is a Secondary Source you also have an added task of telling me whether or not it is Scholarly or Non-Scholarly. If you would like to search the internet for the source and find out more information do so, but everything you need to determine is here.

Primary Source or Secondary Source?

(Name of the source in bold – the explanation of the source in non-bold)

1. King James Bible – The English version of the Old Testament and New Testament as commissioned by King James I in 1604 CE.

2. The Ransom of the Soul – A history book published in 2015 about the transition from the Late Roman to the Early Medieval period; written by Peter Brown, a scholar in Roman and Medieval Histories.

3. The Cahokia Mounds – Earthen pyramids constructed from about 1000-1500 CE in Collinsville, Illinois by the Mississippian peoples.

4. Codex Nuttall – A Mixtec (an Indigenous Mexican peoples) history text about their king, Lord Eight-Deer Jaguar-Claw, that was crafted around 1300-1400 CE, before the European invasion, and eventually found in a monastery in Italy in 1854.

5. “A huge new prehistoric circle has been discovered near Stonehenge” – Article published on CNN Travel from June 22, 2020 about new discoveries at Stonehenge, written by Rob Pichetta, a journalist.

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