• The first step to infection prevention and control is good personal hygiene. Discuss how poor hygiene can cause illness, complications, and deaths.
  • Give suggestion how to put a stop to their example’s illness, complications, and death related to poor hygiene.
  • Explain how you would broach the topic of poor hygiene with a patient.
  • Hypertension affects approximately 75 million people in the United States and is designated as the most common disease state.Discuss the medication Amlodipine and discuss the mechanisms of action, therapeutic effects, indications, adverse and toxic effects, cautions, contraindications, drug interactions, and route(s) of administration.
  • A patient’s wound may never heal if the patient does not consume the proper diet. Discuss the important relationship between nutrition and skin integrity.
  • discuss why a head-to-toe skin assessment is important to perform.
  • Give an example supporting one of the correlations between nutrition and skin integrity.
  • As you learned, the chi-square compares characteristics as opposed to numbers. Locate an article in the LIRN library that uses the chi-square for their data analysis. State the name of the article first and properly reference it below your initial post. Then explain the following:
    1. What was the researcher studying?
    2. What were the results?
    3. If the researcher used a visual aid, was it easy to comprehend/read? Why or why not?

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