Read ”THE GREAT CONVERSATION:A Historical Introduction to Philosophy”

You will need to answer the following question concisely and simply. You may bullet point your answer if you like. Please use your original work.

1. In what way does Plato agree with Parmenides? With Heraclitus?

2. Why does Plato think that the Form of Bicycle is more real than the bicycle I ride to work?

3. . What two relationships exist between a Form and some visible thing that “participates” in it?

4. What are the parts of the soul? What are their functions? (

5. What questions does the Ring of Gyges pose?

6. What is the psychology of the just person? Of the unjust person?

7. How is justice in the soul related to moral behavior in the community? Relate this to the image of the man, the lion, and the monster?

8. Who should rule the state? And why?

9. Explain the analogy of the navigator?

10. How will the “many” be “educated” in Plato’s ideal Republic?

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