After reading Fences Act II, begin a discussion, by replying to this post’s “Discussion Questions for Consideration.

Remember to follow online etiquette as outlined in our syllabus, do not use informal language, slang, or “texting” language—i.e. typing “i” for Ior “u” for you. You may include textual support (i.e. “direct quotes” or paraphrases) to support your points. Proofread your responses carefully.

Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss why Rose finally opens up once Troy confesses to his affair with Alberta
(and Alberta’s pregnancy). Discuss Rose’s decision to take care of Troy and Alberta’s baby (Scene III).

2. Scene IV: How has Rose changed in this scene in her activities and the way she responds to Troy? How has the relationship between Troy and Bono changed/evolved?

3. Why do you think Wilson decided to have Troy’s death occur “offstage?” Do you feel that Cory can eventually forgive his father as he and Raynell connect in the final scene?

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