This is a letter that you will write from the perspective of your saint (Mother Teresa), addressed to members of your generation (college students). This letter should be 300+ (no more than 400) words in length and will be graded for quality of writing, quality of engagement with the topic, and ability to accurately represent your saint’s perspective. In this letter, you will discuss what your saint would have to say to your own generation of young people, taking into consideration their spiritual problems, the challenges facing them, what they have to learn from your saint, how they might find greater peace and happiness or more meaning and purpose, etc.

Make sure to include examples of problems that Mother Teresa would see and would be able to help with that are within this generation (people born around the year 2000). Make sure that the letter is in Mother Teresa’s perspective towards people of my generation. Make sure that you have research on what Mother Teresa had done or strived for in life so you are able to write the letter correctly that corresponds to what she would talk about.

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