In an expository essay of 700 words or more (roughly 4.5 pages, typed and double-spaced), address one of the following prompts. This essay should feature a well-developed thesis and appropriate evidence to support your thesis. Be sure to provide strong analysis of quotes and examples.

Option 1: Describe a current or on-going environmental concern. What factors have contributed to this concern? What are the proposed solutions? Which solution is most viable, as you understand it? (Our Oceans Are Turning to Plastic)

Option 2: How do we balance some people’s assertion that animals should have rights and be protected with such institutions as animal testing, the meat industry, and seafood festivals? What are the moral and/or ethical reasons for eating animals or testing products on animals as presented in the texts? What is your response? (An Animal’s Place)

Option 3: Describe the current and/or recent trends in recommended diet. Who influences these trends? What approaches are there to diet—as described by Pollan or those that he overlooked? What are the possible effects of various diets on health, the environment, the economy, or other elements of our world? In your opinion, what is the best approach to diet?

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