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  1. Why is eavesdropping and interception attacks a bigger threat in Wireless LANs compared to
    Wired LANS?
  2. a) What is a botnet? How can it be created?
    b) How can it be used to launch DDoS attacks? Explain both reflection and amplification
  3. Provide two examples/scenarios on how existing vulnerabilities in TCP/IP architecture can be leveraged to create attacks. Explain how the attack can be launched.
  4. a) Explain the packet filtering feature of firewall.
    b) Explain how a packet filtering firewall can be used to block both incoming as well as
    outgoing pings on a network.
    HINT: Ping packets on a network uses ICMP protocol.
    a) What is a DMZ and why do we need it?
    b) How does it work? Explain using a suitable example.
  5. Briefly explain how an IDS works.
  6. Describe using an example scenario the encryption-decryption mechanisms in
    a) Public Key Cryptography
    b) Symmetric Key Cryptography
    c) Hybrid Cryptography
  7. Compare public key cryptography and symmetric key cryptography by discussing their
    differences, advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Compare block ciphering against stream ciphering by pointing out their differences,
    advantages and disadvantages.
  9. Why is AES better than DES? Explain.
  10. What advantage does MAC have over a normal cryptographic hash? Explain with the help of an example.
  11. Explain by describing the keys used in the process of digital signature, how it provides:
    a) Integrity
    b) Authentication
    c) Non-repudiation

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