Answer the below questions in three different word docs and respond to two posts of your classmates


What kind of “Alternate” sources of authority appeared in the North American Colonies between 1766 and 1776? How did these command the loyalty of their followers? Did all colonists accept their authority? Why were the colonies reluctant to Declare Independence in 1775-1776? What events in this specific period (1775-1776) contributed to their decision to do so? In what ways did the Declaration of Independence reflect these events?

Question 2.

What were the main military dynamics of the American Revolution? How do the campaigns of 1777 What event in the fall of 1777 dramatically expanded the military problem faced by Britain in the American Revolution? How did the British react to this change? Why did the main area of fighting shift south after 1778? Why did American forces put so much emphasis on western operations in this period?

Question 3.

Any Revolutionary ideas out there?

Note – Chicago format

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