Given the following two potential target behaviors, choose one for intervention using either noncontingent reinforcement (NCR) or high-probability request sequence (Hi-P). Make sure you specify whether your goal is to increase or reduce the target behavior and explain how either NCR or Hi-P will help you accomplish that goal. Identify the target behavior’s function and discuss how your intervention strategy (either NCR or Hi-P) is matched to the behavior’s function.

Also, explain how motivating operations (MO’s) play a role in your chosen intervention strategy. (e.g., Are they suppressed and/or strengthened by your intervention?) Finally, make sure that you weave relevant ethical and social validity concerns regarding your behavior change intervention throughout your post. As you discuss relevant ethical concerns, cite specific codes from the BACB’s Professional and Ethical Compliance Code.

Potential Target Behaviors (choose one):

  • A school-aged child engages in aggression toward his sibling that results in attention in the form of reprimands from his parents.
  • A nonverbal preschooler leaves his teaching table whenever his therapist works on vocal speech targets.

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