Answer these 4 question, 200 words for each question.

Essay 1 topic: Explain in your own words why the fact that each element emits a unique line spectrum is important, what is the information is provided by the four quantum numbers about the distribution of electrons in the atom, and what is electron spin and why is it important.

Essay 2 topic: Explain in your own words what is the octet rule, what is orbital hybridization, what are sigma and pi bonds, what is molecule polarity, and why are these important?

Essay 3 topic: Explain in your own words what is the greenhouse effect, what are the causes of the greenhouse effect, and what is the importance of this effect for you personally.

Essay 4 topic: Explain in your own words what you understand about the first and the second laws of thermodynamics, and explain which of these two laws is more important and why is it more important.

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