• A series of 8-12 slides (also referred to as a presentation or slidedeck)
  • A corresponding written script with 1-2 paragraphs of written narration describing each slide
Step 1

Review assignment requirements.

Create slides and a written script document that explains how psychology influences our daily experiences. Your slides should demonstrate a hypothetical “day in the life” scenario in which a person your age encounters three different situations.

  • In the first situation, create a scenario in which the person uses his or her senses, perception, experiences, and memory to learn a new skill. Be sure to explain the biological structures and physiological functions associated with senses, perception, experiences and memory. The situation you describe should be engaging and realistic (not overly academic). (2-4 slides)
  • In the second situation, describe an example in which the person’s intelligence and cognitive abilities are involved in the decision-making process. Your example should focus on something that people look forward to in life. (2-4 slides)
  • In the third situation, describe an example in which stress affects the person. Include suggestions for promoting overall psychological health and well-being. This situation should be realistic by drawing from your own life experiences and those of people you know. (2-4 slides)
Step 2

Create the slides.

Using presentation applications (also referred to as slide ware) such as PowerPoint or Google Slides, organize and display the required information for each of the three sections in a series of presentational slides (also referred to as a slide deck). Note that you are not required to present this project in a live setting; however, you should design these slides as if you were doing so. If you have never created a slide deck before or need some additional help, several resources and tutorial videos are available online. Conduct an Internet browser search for the slide application you are using (for example, Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote) and the search term “tutorial.” Such a search will provide videos and websites that can assist you in creating the slides and using the application.

Design your presentation with the following in mind:

  • Presentation title slide should be Psychology Shapes Our Daily Experience.
  • All slides should be contained within one file.
  • Label each slide with the slide title and number.
  • Use clear, concise bullet points.
  • Presentations are primarily visual. Avoid including too much written information on your slides. You can include more detailed information in the written script portion of this project.
  • Images and diagrams are wonderful presentation tools to support your message.
  • All knowledge gained from external sources, including course resources, must be cited in each slide for content and graphics. At the end of the slide deck, include proper citations in APA style for the sources you used, which include images and diagrams. The source citation slide will not count toward your slide total.
Step 3

Write the presentation script.

Write the text of your script to correspond with each slide as though you were delivering a live presentation. You should write 1 to 2 paragraphs for each slide that expands on the information covered for each individual slide. The script should be written in a professional, yet conversational tone as if you were speaking to a live audience.

Write your script in the following manner:

  • Use headings that show the slide number and slide title to indicate the narration for each slide.
  • Use language intended for a live audience as opposed to a reader. Include language that helps your audience follow along, such as “I want to talk more in depth about…”
  • Use clear, concise sentences.
  • Use clear and relatable examples to help explain concepts.
  • All knowledge gained from external sources, including course resources, must be cited in each paragraph of the script. At the end of the script document, include proper citations in APA style for the sources you used.

It is recommended that you read the script out loud before you submit a final version.

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