Imagine you are teaching a class on the Late Adulthood. You need to educate the class about Ageism.

Define: What is Ageism?

  1. Definition:
  2. How does it affect the elderly what is the result?
  3. How are the elderly perceived based on Ageism?
  4. What are some of the most frequent forms of ageism?

What are some of the policy issues in an aging society?

Describe how you will educate the class that you are teaching: (Min. 150 words) What are the activities, contents, discussions, fieldtrips you are planning? Be specific. (Don’t just say, we discuss it).

How can the members of the class that you are teaching combat Ageism after they learned from you in their life and their community?  Include how they can address policy. (Min. 150 words)                                                                         

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