For this assignment you will write a 1 page (300 word minimum-450 word maximum) research paper. In this assignment you will be answering a question about the Spanish Missions in Florida.
By 1705 the Spanish mission era came to an end. There are several factors for the demise of the Spanish missions in the Florida’s. What do you believe was the number one reason for the demise of the mission era in Florida? Be specific in your argument and focus on only one reason for the demise of the mission era.
Defend your views by citing information from primary academic or government sources. Provide at least one reference, cited and referenced in MLA Style format
The style of writing should be Persuasive.
Persuasion: Persuasion is where you take a position on a topic and then try to persuade the reader to come to the same conclusion you arrived at. Here it is important to write a very clear thesis statement and then provide evidence that supports your argument.
The papers must be in MLA format, including citations and a reference.
The papers will be:

  1. Double spaced
  2. Times New Roman, 12 point font
  3. Regular margins
    Include a:
  4. Title page with your name, course name, date and professor’s name
  5. One to one-in-half pages of content (300-450words)
  6. Reference page
    Please refrain from using websites that claim to format your paper without reviewing the official MLA style guide. Never use Wikipedia as a reference in your assignments and papers. Avoid using an encyclopedia as a reference. Encyclopedias are condensed sources that should not be used in college level assignments.

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