1. Search: visiblebody.com
    • Review this website relating to the Urinary System
    • Watch the brief videos for each Urinary System Pathology contained within this website.
    • You can use this website to create your research paper to complete this assignment.
  2. You can also utilize Merrill’s Textbooks to develop and create a research paper to complete this assignment.
  3. Type a research paper minimum of three (3) to five (5) pages in length. Your paper must be formatted in single spaced sentences utilizing “MLA format” for “the body of the paper” and “work cited page” for the following content:
    • Describe how blood is filtered by the kidneys.
    • Describe why kidneys are called a “Retroperitoneal Organs.”
    • Describe how blood enters and exits the kidneys in detail.
    • Describe the function of the Renal Medulla, Renal Pelvis and Cortex.
    • Describe what a Nephron is and it’s functions. Include details about “all anatomical sections” of this microscopic filtering part of the kidney.
    • Define in detail five (5) Urinary System Pathologies of your choice.
  4. Describe in detail “step-by-step” how your assigned CCAC clinical affiliate utilizes the equipment within the Ultrasound Department, CT Scanning Suite(s) and a conventional Radiography room(s) to help diagnose one (1) of the five (5) Urinary System Pathologies you defined in # 3 of this assignment.
  5. Review the “Three (3) Steps of Urine Formation” and watch the three (3) short videos for this section of your paper within the website listed in # 1 of this assignment.
  6. Describe in detail the type of “contrast media” that is utilized to visualize the kidneys, ureters and bladder function within a Radiology Imaging Department.
  7. Describe in detail how your clinical affiliate medically treats a patient who is experiencing an allergic reaction to contrast media injections within the Imaging Department.
  8. Describe in detail all the “different medications” that can be administered to a patient that is experiencing an “allergic reaction to contrast media” during a Urinary System procedure.

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