The “Protestant Reformation” is generally (and especially so more recently) broken down into smaller “protestant reformations.” Why do scholars believe that a characterization of the original reformations in Europe as THE Protestant Reformation is inaccurate? What are the major subdivisions (4) of the protestant reformation? When does each of those reformations begin? Who are the primary personalities in those reformations and what are the defining events of each of those reformations?

Instructions for Final Essay:

1) The essay should be between 1000-1500 words (no more, no less). The essay should be composed in a word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word).

2) It should be grammatically correct. While this is not an English composition course, correct grammar is an aspect of clear communication therefore bad grammar will negatively impact your grade insofar as it obscures the point that you are trying to make.

3) Use relevant primary sources, research databases on the library web site and other pertinent secondary literature (e.g., specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries, academic monographs and academic articles) in order to craft your essay. Use of internet sources is acceptable but should not constitute the entirety of your research. If an online source replicates a reputable print source, you may cite the print source while using the online source.

4) Cite any sources that you used to gather the information for your essay. You may cite sources either parenthetically (with a “works cited” page) or with footnotes. Lack of citation will result in an incomplete grade for the assignment (which in reality is the equivalent of a 0). This essay should constitute original work and failure to comply in this regard will result in an incomplete grade for the assignment.

5) These are not reflection essays or journal entries. These are intended to be brief academic essays. Write them as such. A good example of this type of writing can be found in specialized academic dictionaries or encyclopedias.

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