Sociological Theory Applying Durkheim


You are required to write a paper analyzing “Hunger” using concepts/theories from Emile Durkheim. Your paper will be graded according to your ability to integrate theoretical material into your analysis.

Do not want review the film. Instead, analyze the reality behind the film. In your paper, you should give a very brief overview of the setting and plot of the film (a paragraph). The majority of your paper should analyze the struggle and death of Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteer Bobby Sands using concepts from Durkheim’s work. How would Durkheim explain the IRA’s blanket and dirty protest? How would Durkheim characterize Sands’ suicide? How would Durkheim analyze the prison guards?

Length: This paper should be five pages long.

There is no need to consult outside sources. The “Five Demands” of the IRA included:

1) The right not to wear a prison uniform;

2) The right not to do prison work;

3) The right of free association with other prisoners, and to organize educational and recreational pursuits;

4) The right to one visit, one letter and one parcel per week;

5) Full restoration of remission lost through the protest

Movie issues to consider:

1) IRA prisoners struggled to regain political status, which British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher removed in 1980 – why did the struggle take the form that it did?

2) How did the brutality of the prison guards affect their lives (Raymond Lohan/Riot officer Graves)?

3) Consider prisoner Davey Gillen’s involvement in the blanket/dirty protest

4) When the prisoners were at Mass, why were they ignoring the priest?

5) What is the significance of Bobby Sands discussion with Father Dominic Moran?

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