The purpose of this discussion is to analyze your family health history, identify a specific disease that affects a family member and then to identify risk factors and prevention measure for that disease. In order to do this you must also take into account your own ethnic and cultural background and how that might predispose you to developing that certain disease.

Initial Post

  • Identify one major chronic disease that has affected an immediate family member. If you are unable, please select a specific form of cancer, cardiovascular disease or other metabolic disease to discuss.
  • Discuss how this disease manifests and how it affects the human body.
  • Discuss the risk factors for developing this disease.
  • Include statistics regarding its prevalence and any specific ethnic link or predisposition (ex. African Americans have higher rates of hypertension).

This post should be 3-4 well-written paragraphs utilizing scholarly sources and include an APA citation.

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