Write a 4-5 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page).

Assessing threats to safety and security in your area (Montana)

Threats to safety and security take numerous forms— accidents, human error, fire, natural and environmental disasters, civil liability, substance abuse, civil disorder, and crime in all its many types. Assess and address your vulnerability to these threats by taking the following steps:

1. For Montana, research the statistics available on each of these threats. For example, consult FBI reports on various types of crimes in your area, and look for studies on the other types of threats and how the findings relate to your area.

2. Select a human and natural hazard in your community that may materialize into a threat. Explain in detail why this is a concern or issue. Focus on how the management of the information security is used to address the hazard or threat.

3. Formulate a strategy for addressing the threats you identified in Question 2. For instance, what kind of contingency plan or disaster-recovery strategy would you recommend to address this threat? Address the management of the information security.

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