Please choose one of the following questions and react to it briefly in the discussion boards.

When you submit answer, please begin by pasting the question you are responding to in the text field. Then write your answer below.

Discussion question options:

  • Would the US be better off with a viable third party candidate in the 2020 presidential election? Why? What would that candidate stand for? If not, why would this be bad?
  • In recent years people have proposed term limits for Congressional representatives— limiting Senators to two 6 year terms and members of the House of Representatives to 4 2 year terms. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?
  • The filibuster makes it (usually) necessary to obtain a 60-vote supermajority to get legislation passed in the Senate. Should the filibuster be done away with? If so, why? If you argue we should keep it, why?
  • Think about what you have learned about the Presidency. Do you think President Trump’s response to Covid-19 is similar to what other American presidents would have done in a similar situation? Why or why not? How has Biden used presidential powers differently (if at all)?

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