The prompt:

Explain Dr. Jonathan Swift’s decision to use satirical logic using these three terms of Toulmin’s Argument format

Label Swift’s Claim (Something about his decision to tell a sick joke)

Label Swift’s Warrant (A reason why satire is safer than a serious complaint)

Label Swift’s Support (Some evidence or proof)

Discuss the intent of Swift in writing this

  • Who is his audience?
  • Why do you think he would try to reach them by using a satirical argument?
  • How might his audience have reacted to this 18th century political commentary?
  • How would their reaction differ if his argument was straightforward?
  • What is your reaction to this grotesquely written proposal?

Find a modern context connection

  • What are some modern contextual examples that might parallel Swift’s clever means of social commentary?
  • How does your understanding of these modern satires influence your perception of Swift and the accomplishments of this text?

Reflect on the social/political value of satire in the media

  • Juxtapose Swift’s work with some modern contextual examples as you analyze the value of satire.

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