How has the internet and social media affected/influenced/changed the way the information is exchanged or shared in the FS (funeral services) industry compared to more traditional forms of communication (newspapers, community access television channels, word of mouth etc…)? Is this new way we communicate good or bad for the FS industry?

  1. Title of your research paper – the title does not have to be the title I provided above, but has to cover the subject.
  2. DESCRIBE HOW THE INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGED FUNERAL SERVICE From the way funeral homes use social media as a positive platform to announce death and funeral service information, to families’ unfortunately finding out on social media that their loved one has died, before being notified by proper authorities, has social media positively or negatively affected funeral service. YOU choose what side you are on.
  3. Has or will social media cause a strain on how we are accustomed to doing business? Factors to consider – the older generation of FS practitioners may or may not be tech/social media savvy, etc…
  4. FUTURE TRENDS. What does the future of communication look like for the FS industry? What can we expect to see? Is that good or bad?

There are a number of resources on Google and in various funeral service oriented trade magazines that you can use for research purposes. Please ensure that you site. all resources used. You may also talk with/interview funeral service professionals that you know to gain insight and include in your project. List that individuals name, the funeral home they own and/or work at, their city and state. Your research paper/project must be:

  • NO LESS THAN 1000 words, NO MORE THAN 3000 words. Your paper must be two pages.
  • 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Single-spaced within a paragraph, double-spaced between new paragraphs
  • You must cite your sources in the text and have a separate reference page. The reference page IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR WORD COUNT.
  • You must have a title page. The title page is not covered in your word count.

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