In this assignment, you are asked to design a state-of-the-art gaming computer equipped to handle modern 3D gaming titles.
Create a document that specifies the hardware and software components of the computer and justify reasons for the choice of each component. State any assumptions that you need to make to create a viable computer. Use diagrams as necessary to explain your design in detail. Your design should identify an OS as well as specify and explain all required hardware (no peripherals) including the following components:
Cases and form factor.
Power supply.
Motherboard and buses.
Video Cards.
Make sure to address the following using clear headers to separate sections:
Specify the OS and reasons that you chose it.
Specify the hardware components and why you chose them.
Explain which computer components are most important for driving the ultimate design of the computer.
Explain how the motherboard form factor governs the choice of dependent hardware.
Discuss the standards that determine CPU and motherboard compatibility.
Submission Requirements
Submit your assignment in a Word document with well-labeled responses.
Format and Style: Current APA standards.
Font: 12 point Times New Roman.

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