Topic: Managing Human Resources in Small Organizations
Your assignment is to find at least 3 scholarly journal articles to complete each of the sections below. The report must follow APA formatting and the body of your paper must be at least 5 pages, double spaced, not including your Title and Reference page.
Provide an overview of the situation
Identify key issues underlying the problems identified in the article that you read
Main body
Present and analyze the issues found in the article.
Consider and assess possible solutions to the issues presented in the article(s) you’ve researched.
Draw from both your articles and your personal experience
Select and discuss a solution that you think is best
Summarize main findings.
Identify and justify strategy proposed
A list of sources consulted or referred to in alphabetical order
Use the following:
Managing Human Resources in Small Organizations
Introduction (Put in your own words)
While much of our knowledge concerning traditional HR topics (e.g., recruiting, compensation, or performance management) in large firms may also apply in small or emerging organizations, evidence suggests that new ventures are different and that management of people within them may not clearly map to management within larger, more established organizations. This paper reviews extant research on managing people within small and emerging ventures and highlights additional questions that have not yet been addressed. Our review suggests that as scholars, our understanding of the HR issues important to small and emerging firms is limited. While we have begun to understand how these firms should hire, reward, and perhaps even motivate their employees, we lack much of the theory and data necessary to understand how small and emerging firms train their employees, manage their performance, promote or handle organizational change, or respond to potential labor relations and union organization issues. The existing literature presents an often-confounded relationship between size and age, between the issues important to small firms and the issues important to young ones. Given the potential early HR decisions have to impact the organization’s downstream success, it is important that we understand how these functional areas of HR (as well as their integration and evolution) affect small and emerging firms, and how the HR decisions made during the formative stages of firm development impact the firm’s long-term goals.

  1. Liabilities of smallness and newness are real, but distinct
  2. What we know about staffing
  3. What we know about compensation
  4. What we know about training
  5. What we know about performance management
  6. What we know about organizational change
  7. What we know about labor relations
  8. Discussion: What we do not know about managing employees in new ventures
  9. Conclusion

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