The reference of this article is Bahrami, H. (2013). People operations at Mozilla Corporation: Scaling a peer-to-peer global community (University of California at Berkeley Haas School of Business Case No. B5774).

Part A: Execution of Strategy at Mozilla
How would you describe Mozilla’s cultural and organizational DNA? What, specifically, about the way Mozilla enacts strategy and executes its business plan provides it with such depth?
What do you think are the lessons from Mozilla for other knowledge-based organizations, especially in terms of strategy execution and the involvement of people throughout the organization?
Part B: Getting Everyone to Participate in Strategic Thinking and Execution
Then, based both on the Mozilla case study, you must respond to this question:
Explain how the knowledge and effective practice of cross-functional strategic thinking can help individual stakeholders (people at all levels of the organization and others outside the organization) participate more fully in organizational efforts to improve long-term performance and overall stakeholder engagement.
General Guidance: Your original discussion post for Part B should be ½ single-spaced page

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