Please discuss/answer the following questions:
Discuss the need for dividing an operating system into at least two modes, user and kernel. What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with this division of labor?
What properties of a program enable it to be divided into pages? How is it possible for a program to execute with only a subset of these pages residing in the main memory at any given time?
Submit a one to two-page paper in APA format.
For APA format, include a title page. Include an abstract statement on page two. Add the body on pages 3 & 4. Put your references on page 5. Use more than one reference for your information. Use Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced through the entire document. Indent paragraphs in the body. The abstract is not indented.
You can use the APA template and References tab in MS Word for easier formatting.
Remember to proofread your paper before submitting. Ideally, also have someone else also proofread it.

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