For each assignment, please write an essay of at least three pages in length (APA, 6th ed., format, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, for example). Each essay should have a considerable research component using at least three academic, peer – reviewed sources, and should not contain only your opinion – if there is not a considerable research-component, your paper is incomplete, and your grade will reflect this. Please provide a works-cited page at the end of your essay (which is not part of the three page minimum).

Please use articles (papers) and/or scholarly books in addition to trustworthy online sources (the official website of …).

Women in Politics Choose a woman in politics. How has the gender of the politician you choose shaped her political beliefs and actions? How has her gender shaped her career, positively or negatively?

How has feminism shaped her career? Explain. How was this woman treated, by the press and the public in her particular country?

Divide this treatment into gender = how was she treated by men, vs. by women? What can be said about this treatment of women in any particular country or culture? What can be done to improve any poor treatment of female political candidates?

Do you think women’s participation in politics is vital for a “modern” and “industrialized” nation? If so, why? If not, why not? What is the percentage of women who participate in high political office in the USA?

Why do you think females are not participating in politics in the same numbers as males in the USA?

What can be done to change this trend? What would you do to help change this trend in the USA? Be sure to incorporate at least three scholarly sources into your essay. Essay must include gender analysis meaning how would a man as opposed to a woman have been treated in such a position.

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