Part 1: Nursing Role and Scope

  1. Discuss current factors that influence the public’s image of professional nursing?
    b. How can you as a nurse/student nurse, tell members of society what professional nurses do?

Part 2: Nursing Role and Scope

  1. Describe a clinical experience that was troubling to you.
  2. Describe what bothered you about the experience and what could have you done differently utilizing critical thinking.

Part 3: Physical Assessment in Health Care
A patient who has smoked for 20 years has a desire to quit. He has COPD.

  1. Discuss the 5 A’s used in assessing readiness to quit smoking.
  2. Discuss the “Stages of Change Model” that assesses readiness to quit as well.

Part 4: Physical Assessment in Health Care
During assessment of the apical pulse, the nurse has the patient supine. They locate the apical impulse at the 6th intercostal space near the axilla area.

  1. Discuss and describe normal location of apical pulse
  2. Suggest causes for the location at the 6th intercostal space.

Part 5: Culture in Nursing
Sanya, a 20-year-old woman from India who is attending a university in the United States, is seen by a nurse in a clinic for the first time when she is 16 weeks’ pregnant. This is an unplanned pregnancy, and Sanya tells the nurse that she wants an abortion. Sanya feels that, although abortion is discouraged by Indian culture unless it is necessary to save the mother’s life, she should terminate the pregnancy. Her boyfriend, the baby’s father, is a Caucasian American, but her parents have already arranged for her to marry an Indian man in India. Sanya would prefer to marry her American boyfriend.
Using Leininger’s Sunrise Model:

  1. Discuss the complexities of the cultural traditions and the woman’s situation
  2. How can the nurse offer support to the woman?
    Mrs. Trudy Jackson is a 75-year-old African American woman who has had hypertension for the past 15 years. She states that she doesn’t always take her pills because they cost $250 a month; if she feels ok, she doesn’t take them.
  3. How do African American rates of hypertension and corresponding morbidity and mortality compare to other groups?
  4. What is the nurse’s responsibility regarding educating Mrs. Jackson about her hypertension?
  5. What potential barriers may affect Mrs. Jackson’s health behavior?

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