Your answers should be thoughtful, in depth and fully explain your understanding of the information. Remember, this is your opportunity to show what you know and understand. Make sure to give examples and evidence from the textbook and readings to justify or explain your answers. Your answers should be about 150-200 each. If your answer is less than 150 words or does not fully answer the question, points will be taken off.

  1. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the American colonists during the American RevolutIon? Even though they had great disadvantages against Great Britian, what factors led to an American victory? How/why were they able to win? Explain.
  2. What were the different groups of colonists during the revolution? Who were the loyalists? Who were the Patriots? What caused some people to side with America and some with Britain? What factors helped to sway those who were undecided? Explain.

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