1. Comment on the parallels between American history (as you have experienced it in school) and jazz history (via this course).
    Similar? How so?
  2. Read on “The Swing Era.”
    In a Word document which you will upload, answer, in short description form of at least a paragraph each,:
    -What is “Swing” music?
    -Describe the Big Band of the Swing era.
    -Explain Benny Goodman, his band and his contributions to jazz.
  3. Listen to “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman. Write a one-paragraph music analysis using 5 terms. Terms are: melody, harmony and rhythm, improvisation, chord progression, lead sheet, fake book, form, riff, trading fours, jazz standard, syncopation, dissonance
    Be sure to indicate how this music is different from music of the previous era (Louis Armstrong era).

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