What is a Literature Review?
A literature review is an in-depth evaluation of scholarly articles (peer-reviewed) on a specific topic. In a lit review, published information of a particular topic is summarized then synthesized and is used as a foundation and as support for your new insights. The key here is to summarize important points, not to contribute new ideas or thoughts on the article being reviewed

The topic:
The effects of China’s universal two-child policy

You should have three articles that you synthesize this three on three different pages with you could have quotes you can have kind of like a general overview of what was collected from that are at all, but each article should have its own synthesis. You have to have an article title the examination so make sure that you write the citation okay on the page and plenty of quotes statistics that are embedded in our school.

● APA Citation
● Article Title
● Findings/Relevant Quotes/Statistics/etc.

The result of an analysis is not merely a list of information available or a collection of summaries; it is an interpretation of findings. You should organize the most important information and establish relationships.

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