Evaluate an organization’s strategy, environment, and internal activities using appropriate analytical frameworks (e.g., industry analysis, VRIO, value chain analysis, corporate-advantage concepts) for the purpose of providing recommendations for how a firm can improve its performance relative to its competitors;
Generate viable options to specific strategic decisions (e.g., industry positioning, competitive advantage)

After reading the Roku case, prepare your answers in a .doc or .pdf to the following questions.
Evaluate the competitive forces for the commercial television industry to identify the forces controlling its profitability (e.g., Five Forces analysis). Is Roku positioned for long-term profitability?
Describe the competitive position of Roku relative to its main competitors.
How was television likely to evolve over the next decade?
Was there a future for Connected TV devices and how should it be exploited by Roku, or was the future in licensing Roku’s OS?

Submissions should be no longer than 3 pages in length.
Double space, 12 point font
No title page or bibliography needed
Format as .doc or .pdf

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