In this assignment, the student will explore the history and characteristics of nursing professionalism. is nursing a profession? According to the textbook (Beth Perry Black. (2020). Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges (9th ed.). Elsevier/Saunders.) (chapters 3-5) Different criteria and behaviors characterize a profession. Examples include service/altruism, accountability, autonomy, specialized training and knowledge, research, competency, self-regulation, ethical conduct, and a professional organization. In current nursing literature, what examples can you find that demonstrate these criteria in nursing practice? present a case for the recognition of nursing as a profession.

in a 4 to 5 page APA format, the student will address the issue of nursing professionalism.
-introduction: briefly describes the history and development of nursing as a profession
-discuss how nursing demonstrates at least three characteristics/behaviors of a profession -provides examples from current nursing literature.
-describes one barrier to the recognition of nursing as a profession
-conclusion: discuss the current role nurses can play in advancing the profession of nursing

**4-5 pages in APA format (excluding title and reference page)
**includes 5 current and credible references – 3 must be peer-reviewed nursing journal articles

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