Your task is to research a marketing job that would of interest for you. You are to complete a brief marketing job profile report answering the following:

1) Identify the job
2) Discuss the role of the job in the marketing department
3) What are at least 5 key responsibilities of a job like this
4) What type of salary range is normally offered for this job
5) What is it about this job that provides the right impact to the marketing strategies of the organization. What is this job’s key impact to the marketing of a company?

Use sources like Glassdoor, and others to uncover this. Take a few different sources or job postings to come up with your thoughts. This is not to share a real job ad, but to use existing ads and career research to find out what’s in the market. You are conducting an assessment for what jobs exist in marketing, what would be an interesting one to you, but connecting it why certain jobs/skills drive marketing strategy/value.

Your assignment should be a 5-7 slide Power Point with graphics and some reference material.
This assignment can be any PowerPoint template desired and format. It must cover the content above. A references slide is needed, and any references cited in the powerpoint.

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