The Prompt: Respond to the following discussion question:
You will need the following resource for this post:

United States Department of Agriculture. (2011). Let’s Eat for the health of it: Choose My Plate Brochure. Available from­‐groups/ downloads/MyPlate/DG2010Brochure.pdf

Center for Disease Control. (2012). Winnable Battles: Nutrition, physical activity and obesity. Available from

Study the brochure for the new My Plate Food Guidelines. This system is a revised version of the previous food pyramid system created in response to research and growing public concern over obesity, which has been deemed a “Winnable Battle” by the Center for Disease Control. Review the website “Winnable Battles: Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity.”

Using information from these resources, outline five ways that the battle with obesity can be won. What specific changes can early childhood programs make to support healthy eating

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