InstructionsWhat combination of partition coefficient and solubility is idea to rapidly get a anesthesia gas into the brain? a. Low partition coefficient and Low solubility b. High partition coefficient and Low solubility c. High partition coefficient and High solubility d. Low partition coefficient and High solubility e. Efficiency is not important, they all work eventually. Complete this sentence: In every anesthetic gas the faster the ventilation rate… a. the faster the induction. b. the slower the induction, c. the lower the final blood concentration at equilibrium. d. the higher the partition coefficient. e. the lower the partition coefficient. What is the relationship between blood flow and anesthetic effect? a. Slower blood flow ensures faster anesthetic effect. b. Faster blood flow ensures faster anesthetic effect. c. Faster blood flow ensures slower anesthetic effect. d. Slower blood flow ensures slower anesthetic effect. e. Slower blood flow ensures lower partition coefficient. What is NOT a side effects of ketamine use as a general anesthetic? a. Priapism b. Hallucination C. Disorientation. d. Excitation e. Cardiovascular stimulation. A 75 year old female was struck by a car and is brought to the Emergency Department and then the ICU. She has multiple lacerations and fractures. She is intubated and ventilated. The plan is to keep her ventilated for two days to allow the body to recover. What medication would you recommend to keep the patient sedated while she is on the ventilator? a. Propofol. b. Ketamine. c. Phenobarbital. d. Midazolam e. Flumazenil. A 42-year-old woman is undergoing a dilation and curettage for fibroids. She is under general anesthesia with propofol and halothane. Her heart rate climbs to 145 bpm, and her temperature at 8:04 was 37.5 °C, at 8:08 was 39.6 °C, and at 8:09 was 40.1 °C. (104 degrees F). The gynecologist tells you the patient is starting to twitch. What is the appropriate action? A. Request an urgent blood test to assess for rhabdomyolysis. B. Request an urgent urine test to assess for myoglobulinuria. C. Administer more propofol urgently, she is under-sedated. D. Administer dantrolene urgently,

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