InstructionsList two commumication strategies that can be used to show empathy and support

what if you are physically healthy if your emotional stability is not well. Based on the situation given above, his condition lit as soon as you provided encouragement. You are the nurse caring for Patient A, a 25-year- old, male patient, who was admitted in your unit due to shortness of breath. Upon receiving the patient during endorsement, he is pale and his mother showed you a collection of tissue paper with blood. According to her, Patient A has been losing a lot of weight during the last week. He may have been off and depressed too as he felt he is dying. Now, you encourage him to fight because he CAN. His mood suddenly lighted up! Is it really imperative to integrate caring connection when caring for such patients? How does it impact the patient in his physical condition and physical dynamics? Include evidence and studies to support your idea. Question: According to existing theories, emotional wellness is as important with the other components in maintaining general health. If one is to argue tha

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