How can employers benefit from improved workplace safety policies? Lower indirect costs, such as lost productivity and cost of hiring and training replacement workers Healthier employees All of above Lower costs associated with workplace injuries (insurance claims, wage replacement payments) 2. Who should be responsible for workplace safety?* Workers OSHA inspectors All of the above. O Managers and owners 3. How can an employer prevent their employees from being exposed to hazardous substances? Employ more workers to handle the substances Complete the hazardous tasks quickly to avoid exposure Employ new workers O Change the process so the substance is no longer required 4. How might you encourage employees to wear their personal protective equipment?* By wearing yours to set a good example O By sending them friendly reminder emails on a daily basis By encouraging them to customise their PPE By telling them they can take a break from wearing it every 3 hours 5. Which of the following statements is an engineering code of ethics? I. An engineer shall always ensure his work does not result in the danger of death, injury or illness, in which it can be avoided. II. An engineer shall take all reasonable steps to avoid wastage of natural resources and environmental damage. II. An engineer should not bear responsibility as a Professional Engineer if he/she believes it is not acceptable. IV. An engineer shall notify his employer in writing, if there is any conflicts between his personal interest and services.* 0 1,1, III O1,11 III I, II, III, IV 6. How can the risks posed by working at height be reduced? * By only letting tall people carry out working at height tasks By ensuring that equipment such as ladders are used correctly By encouraging workers to attend gyms and build up their strength O By assigning the tasks to one competent person only 7. The following statement is true EXCEPT* All engineering projects and products are risky All engineering products need to be tested until destroyed Engineering products need to provide a safe way out Risk is acceptable when those exposed to it are no longer anxious to think about it O The security level of an engineering project can be enhanced by studying the history of a similar product/project disaster 8. What do you call a potential source of any harm or adverse effect to anyone? Danger Hazard Risk Threat 9. What term refers to the possibility that a person may be harmed or suffers adverse health effects if exposed to a hazard? * Hazard Chance Likelihood O Risk begin with a top events and work backward toward the 10. initiating events * FTA HAZOP FMEA HIRARC 11. A. A formal procedure to identify hazards in a chemical process facility. B. The procedure is effective in identifying hazards and is well accepted by the chemical industry. C. The basic idea is to let the mind go free in a controlled fashion in order to consider all the possible ways that process and operational failures can occur. The statements above best to describe about?* FTA Interview session with engineers Hazard survey O HAZOP 12. OSHA 1994 requires that: 1. Every employer shall ensure the safety, health and well-being of its workers are protected.II. Every employer shall prepare safety report for every industrial activity that was carried out.III. Every employer shall ensure the safety, health and well-being of the public are protected.IV. Every employer shall carry out risk analysis on all company activities.V. Every employer shall ensure that industrial activities are free from any risk. * 1,11 II, III, V O 1,111 O III, IV O IV, V 13. An engineer in a government department is assigned to assess and propose projects to be implemented in a state. What factors should he consider as an ethical and responsible engineer? I. Economy. II. Safety of workers and the public. III. Environmental sustainability. IV. Welfare of workers and the public. * O I, II, III O II, III, IV O 1, II, IV OLIV O I, II, III, IV 14. Which of the following statement is TRUE?* Something can be regarded to be safe if the evaluated risk is acceptable. Something can be regarded to be safe if it follows the legal requirement completely. Something is safe if the risk is known completely, and the acceptable risk is evaluated by someone knowledgeable based on the most accepted principles. Something is safe if it has repeatedly been tested. Something is safe if it is free from risk. 15. A local car manufacturer plans to produce a new model car. What factors should they take into account in making a budget allocation for the production of the new model, and in turn to determine the selling price of the car. I. Number of airbags II. Ensure that the plastic materials used in the new model can be produced at the lowest cost III. Warranty costs for the replacement of certain car parts within the first year for free IV. Legal costs and damages in the event of any accident caused by design / installation errors of the car * LIII, IV O 1,11 III, IV O 1, I, III, IV O I only

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