What are the three types of courts and briefly describe each?

What are the Alternative Dispute Resolution methods and briefly describe each?

What are the important elements of Business Law, briefly describe each, and why should a manager or owner know these Laws?

What are the 3 types of Bankruptcy, explain each, and why they are important?

On page 55 there is a table with Acts and their Purpose. Pick three that you think would affect you and your business or three you did not know about and how you think they may affect how you handle your business?

Using Google Scholar or another trusted website, or libraries. Find a court case that interest your and give me a summary of the case, why it interested you, and what you got out of it?

The two chapters we have covered have had a lot of information about Ethics, Law, and Social Responsibility. As a manager or owner of a Business what have you learned so far that you can use?

Please answer all questions, thank you!

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