How is the rational model f decision making different from bounded rationality and intuition? Please explain:

2. How do individual differences and organizational constraints influence decision making? Explain:

3. What are the three ethical decision criteria, and how do they differ? Explain:

4. What is attribution theory? Explain:

5. What are the factors that influence our perception? Explain:

6. How do Hofstede’s five value dimensions and the GLOBE framework differ? Explain:

7. What are the differences between terminal and instrumental values? Explain:

8. How do the concepts of core self-evaluation (CSE), self-monitoring, and proactive personality help us to understand personality? Explain:

9. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the five Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five personality model? Explain:

10. What is personality? How do we typically measure it? What factors determine personality? Explain:

11. How do you apply concepts about emotions and moods to specific OB Issues? Explain:

12. What is affective events theory? Explain:

13. What impact does emotional labor have on employees? Explain:

14. What are the sources of emotions and moods? Explain:

15. How are emotions different from moods? Explain:

16. What are the three outcomes of job satisfaction? Explain:

17. How do you measure satisfaction? Explain:

18. What are the Major job attitudes? Explain:

19. Does behavior always follow from attitudes? Explain:

20. What are the three components of attitudes? Explain:

21: How can organizations manage diversity effectively? Explain:

22. How do other differentiating characteristics factor in OB? Explain:

23. How are the key biographical characteristics relevant to OB? Explain:

24. How does workplace discrimination undermine organizational effectiveness? Explain:

25. What are the two major forms of workplace diversity? Explain:

26. Why are there so few absolutes in OB? Explain:

27. What are the major behavioral science disciplines that contribute to OB? Explain:

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