“Discuss about the latest decisions taken by hotels in context of Covid-19. Research on facts and figures you can collect whether hotels has taken these decisions with the consultation of health officials and concerned authorities.

Instruction Choose any specified Hotel or resort must have presence in Canadian market


Must include the following topics:

Impact of Covid 19 in Hotel business in general in Canadian market.

Services of Specific hotel and Location

How Covid-19 Impacted the specific hotel business (give examples

  1. State and give justification on the communication method you would use in the following scenarios: (12 marks)
  1. Congratulate an employee on passing an important examinations.
  2. Inform employee about your annual dinner and dance at work.
  3. Confirm lunch appointment with a client next week.
  4. Describe the location of a hotel where your company is hosting a seminar next month.
  5. Remind staff of the security procedures at your company.
  6. Put forward a proposal for a change in company policy.

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