1. What are the major differences between advertising and public relations?
  2. What are examples of demographic variables? What is their value to marketers in targeting? Where do they fall short?
  3. What value do psychographic variables provide for marketers?
  4. What does respondent conditioning help marketers accomplish?
  5. What are the 6 components of respondent conditioning? What gets paired together in respondent conditioning and why?
  6. How does cool function? In other words, what might make something cool, and then what makes it uncool?
  7. What is cool hunting? What research method does it rely on the most?
  8. Why is it useful for marketers to understand the diffusion of innovations? Who are the innovators

 Discuss the various points: 1. Specify the value of Purchasing to the Firm using various points of arguments such as: a. The Sales and Cost Contribution b. The Anecdotal Stories of the Consultant, Reputations and Design Team C. The DuPont Model 2. To further enhance the purchasing department’s value to the firm, specify how it should interact/integrate with other departments. Specify 3 departments to interact with, and give examples,

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