What is the process and flow of the operation – show a diagram and explain?

Dandy is a meat manufactuer in Toronto. You have been located in Windsor for many years.


  • Your space is 3500 square feet, with 4 shipping / receiving docks
  • Office Staff 5 employees and 4 Operations employees.
  • Products to be produced:
  • Soft Tofu – 1200 lbs per week
  • Firm Tofu – 1000 firms per week
  • Dessert Tofu – 200 lbs per week
  • Summer months – Dessert Tofu – goes up 660 lbs per week
  • Shelf life 7 days refrigerated
  • Shelf life 6 months if in the freezer
  • Approx. 55% of product is refrigerated
  • Target market: Chinese and Asian people living in that area
  • Products to be sold to North American Grocery stores, T&T Supermarket and small ethnic grocery stores. You must deliver the goods to each location

Statement of Assumptions:

  • The plant is producing the same amount of product to cover demand.
  • The employees work regular full time work schedules (8 hours per day, 5 days per week).
  • Soft and firm tofu are both sold for $3.75 per pound.
  • Dessert tofu is sold for $2.50 per pound.
  • Workers spend an average of 30 minutes of billable work time per day idle.
  • Workers have a 30 min unpaid lunch break and two 10 minute unpaid breaks per day.
  • focuses on quality, delivery, and flexibility for their competitive priorities and assumptions are made within these sections pertaining to the specifics of tofu manufacturing.
  • has a rigorous inspection process that includes immediate recall if some product is found to be of poor quality.

Discuss the different types of company meetings.? 2. How are company meetings conducted

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