Explain Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

What is the potential issue with the data table below? Emp_code Emp name Emp experience Dep ld Dep manager name 1 Arpit 2 22 Ankit 2 Ajay 5 Mohit 3 Deepak Shruti 4 Chetan 1 Ankit 5 Manish Nohit 6 Abhishek 2 Rohit i. Incorrect Depide 1. Data not in sorted order iii. Improper Eme gode iv. Spelling mistakes in namese v. Redundancy in data- A. Lite B. 1 C. Ilive D. lv Ev 5. Which of the following is incorrect about DBMS? 1. A table must have primary and foreign keys. ii. The relationship between tables is established by linking primary key of one- table to foreign key of another table. iii. In terms of relationship, there are none-to-none, 1-to-1, 1-to-many and! iv. To increase the efficiency, TPS, MIS and DSS should have their own DBMS in a company. v. Majority of online shop are using MS Access as the primary DBMS. A. je B. i, iie C. ii, iii D. ive E

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