Identifying the Factors Affecting Sales

Pramod Kumar (Pramod), CEO of the Tiny Toddlers Group was going through certain figures
related to the sale of educational toys in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Since its
inception in 2001, the Tiny Toddlers Group had emerged as a strong regional player in the Toys
segment in South India. The company faced competitive pressure from other major players such as
, Lego2
, Leo3
, and Funskool4

that had a large market share and also produced and
promoted educational toys that improved the learning of the children. Pramod decided to take a
relook at his marketing strategies in order to improve his sales in relation to that of the other
players. He had asked his staff to tabulate certain data pertaini…
1. Challenges faced by Tiny Toddlers Group compared to Multinational Toy Companies.
2.Suggest the marketing & selling strategies to Tiny Toddlers Group.
3.SWOT Analysis of the case.
▲.What is the future of Toy Industry in India?

How often and why should you review a business plan?

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