We would like to write us an assignment about “The selection criteria of school
principals” following this guide lines. There are TWO interview that were done in
order to write the assignment, I have attached the 2 interviews for you,
Also another thing, I am a master student so I need a very good writer who
understands how to write a qualitative research because it is a qualitative study!!!
Another thing there is two other videos and a chapter from a book that need to be
read and understood in order to do the assignment I will attach them ! one of the
videos about how to find the themes in the interview and the other one about how
to write the findings of these themes. The doctor want us to follow the same
process of these two videos.
1 (introduction section) which include the following:
it is about this topic ” the selection of school principals” 
You need to combine ideas about selection in five countries but not list them – you
need to write about the criteria not the country ” i mean you mention each a time a
criteria and link it to country not talking about each country’s criteria independently
” and then you state the research question or the research topic.
2 (methodology section) you mention it is a qualitative study or qualitative design
Tools (instruments) semi-structured interviews (already done attached)

Analysis of data so you talk about how you analyze the data (thematic analysis
“following certain procedures”  I will attach the video “Video one” it is about how to
find the themes after you transcript the interviews 
3 (Results section) state the theme according to the set up (video 2) you need to
start with a statement about  all the themes and then discuss each one using the
set up mentioned in the video “please follow it”
Discussion section “overall results “how do you see these results? Are people
aware about the most important criteria? Are they with some more that other?
How does this fists the society? Are results connected to theory?
The assignment should be 2100 including the title and references (the book I
attach is enough but if you want to add more references that is fine)..
Video 1 
Video 2
I attach two PDF about analysing qualitative data and qualitative
interviews They might help
Best Regards

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