In what ways have the use of electronic media, especially television and
the Internet changed social life? What is different about how we live
because of the presence of these media? What changes do you think
might be coming in your lifetime?

2- What was today’s top story in the UAE newspapers…. How is it related
‘’ Media, communication & society’’? Discuss, why…

3- Identify and describe one global and one local media trend that involve
the Internet and Social Media.

4- What is Media Literacy? Why is it important? Please name and explain
three key concepts of Media Literacy.

5- Most newspapers, radio-and TV station as well as Social Media get most
or all of their income from advertisements and sponsoring. The media
will therefore seek to optimally satisfy the interests of their advertisers,
which are not necessarily coincident with the interests of the readers,
listeners and viewers. Please discuss this theory … Do you agree or

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